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Richard Wolper

Richard Wolper is a highly successful entrepreneur and business owner with extensive experience in various fields, such as landscaping, restaurants, and horizontal and vertical construction for clients and real estate developments. He is the CEO and co-founder of the Mark 25 Companies, a highly regarded company in the industry. In addition, he is the owner of Black Rock Concrete LLC. and Black Rock Trees LLC., located in the Idaho panhandle. Black Rock Trees LLC. It specializes in mature trees over 20 feet tall, making it a highly sought-after provider for many clients.

Wolper was born to a German-American family on June 15, 1966, in Warwick, Rhode Island. As a teenager, he moved to Utah, where he developed a keen interest in construction. After graduating from Alta High School, he earned contractor licenses, including General Engineering E100, Landscape and Recreation S330, and General Building B100. Early in his career, he undertook numerous significant and profitable projects, including the $22 million Rocky Mountain Raceway, the $8 million Fox Point project in Draper, Utah, and a $3 million project in Riverton City, Utah.

Wolper’s entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic led him to Park City, a popular tourist destination and the host of the Sundance Film Festival. His early successful projects in Park City included large-scale residential landscaping projects for high-net-worth clients, including many celebrities and well-known business leaders. He also managed the comprehensive $88 million Iroquois residential development site project, which included excavation and the installation of a sewer, water, and storm drain system. His significant contributions to the Park City area’s well-being earned him numerous awards, including the best landscaping business of the year in the Park City area.

Richard’s impressive portfolio includes collaborations with international corporations such as Home Depot, Burton Lumber, and Walmart, developing projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars. In addition to his business ventures, he is committed to philanthropy and has generously contributed to various charitable causes. His exceptional work ethic, business acumen, and passion for innovation have earned him a distinguished reputation in the industry, making him a sought-after figure in the business world.

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